Glow In The Dark Solar System Wine Bottle Stoppers

February 6, 2018


These are some glow in the dark solar system inspired wine bottle stoppers (they glow in the dark because luminescent powder was added to the molten glass when they were blown). They come in not particularly convincing Earth, Mercury, Moon, Neptune, Saturn and Sun varieties and cost $24 apiece (except Saturn -- it costs $26 because that ring requires extra time and effort). For reference, $24 is entirely too much to pay to stop up the $4 bottle of Tisdale you bought. Besides, don't even pretend like you weren't just going to drink the whole bottle anyways. And probably another one after that. Still, I could see these coming in handy for the kind of person who needs to be able find a bottle of wine in the dark. "And what kind of person is that?" Anyone with children.

Keep going for one more shot of them all.


Thanks to Sarah WG, who agrees the best wine bottle stopper has been and always will be your thumb until you're ready to take another sip.

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