Finally, Some Decent Shark-Eating-Your Legs High Heel Boots

February 15, 2018


These are the $155 Bite Me high heel peep-toe boots available from Irregular Choice. They look like sharks are trying to eat your legs. Ha, good luck getting those jaws past these massive calves! "You have chicken legs." I have flamingo legs.

There is nothing fishy about these jaw-some shark boots, so dive right in and grab yourself a pair of these killer peep toe boots. Featuring a shark upper complete with fins, a mouth opening with teeth and red piping, a red jeweled eye, glittery platform and chunky glittery heel.

Well they certainly make a statement, don't they? Granted I'm not entirely sure what that statement is, but I like it regardless. Kind of like you. I have no clue what statement you're trying to make either, but I still like you nonetheless. "I'm wearing a 'I HATE GW' shirt." I'm choosing to ignore that.

Keep going for a couple more shots while I yell at Aquaman for not saving Steve Irwin.




Thanks to Olivia, who didn't so much send this tip as much as it just showed up on my Facebook feed. Wow, Facebook being helpful for once.

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