Finally, Some Decent Motorized Wheel Attachments For Your Shoes

February 22, 2018


These are the $130 Turbo Jetts from Razor (of scooter fame), motorized wheel attachments for your shoes. They're like those Heelys that were so popular years ago that they heartbreakingly never made in my size, except with an 80-watt electric motor in one heel that can speed you up to 10MPH for 30 minutes on a charge. Don't tell my mom but I'm already saving for a pair!

Like any motorized "rideable," there's a learning curve before you can cruise on Turbo Jetts. A company representative told me it should only take a few hours to find your balance and get the hang of how they feel.

They fit U.S. kid shoes up to size 12 and U.S. adult shoes up to 12 as well.

Its max weight limit is 176 pounds.

Wait -- a max weight limit of 176 pounds?! Well isn't that some shit. Who wears a size 12 and only weighs 176 pounds? Somebody who needs to eat more cheeseburgers. Still, this is probably the best reason I've ever had to actually exercise and eat right to lose some weight. "I explicitly told you that you were going to die soon if you didn't. " Whatever, doc, I'm doing it for the Turbo Jetts. Or -- OR -- maybe I could just replace the motor with a more powerful one...

Keep going for several video demonstrations.

Thanks to Alyssa, who invited me to join her Turbo Jett crew, which I graciously accepted because I'm tired of being a crew of one.

  • Andrew

    How long before some daredevil has TWO shoes that can do this?

  • Ryan Ericson Holmberg

    When those things overheat and catch fire like the Hoverbaords did, you will really regret having them strapped to your feet.

  • DaleH

    These would fit well on my vintage Blaze sneakers

  • Ok, I need to see someone who wears size 12 shoes who weighs less than 176 lbs.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Bah! Not rocket powered.

  • jeff

    ACME sells those.

  • Carl Marsh

    I to this day have heelys in my size. (11) You know dam right they had them you just didnt want to fall

  • Munihausen

    I was going to complain about the obesity epidemic in this country, and how this isn't helping, and then realized, as did Qiwi, those batteries would not last long pushing around someone who was generously-sized.

  • GeneralDisorder

    "generously-sized"... Just call it like it is. "gross sized".

  • TheQiwiMan


  • MustacheHam

    aka weight limit.

  • Jenness

    These are motorized Wheelies, I think this looks fun.

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