Finally, A Decent Death Star Cave-Style Pet Bed

February 20, 2018


This is the £30 (~$43) Star Wars Death Star Pet Cave available from The Foundry. It measures 16.5-inches round and is an officially licensed Star Wars product so you can rest easy knowing Disney is getting paid (I know that's something that keeps you up at night). I actually just bought my dog one of these cave-style beds a few weeks ago, and she does NOT like going in there, which is unusual because she loves covering herself in blankets. I guess it kind of makes sense though because why sleep in the nice new bed I just spent $40 on when you've got a perfectly good $1 IKEA bag to crinkle and curl up in? She's crazy. Further proof: she woke herself up farting in her sleep a few nights ago and tried to blame it on me. Hoho -- I don't think so, Margaret! FULL DISCLOSURE: it absolutely could have been me, we sleep butt-to-butt so it's hard to tell who did what, especially when you're half asleep and dreaming of jetpacking.

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to Clint and K Diddie, who agree there's absolutely no reason to pay for licensing on a product you could have easily named That's No Moon Pet Cave for free.

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