Father Proudly Films Daughter Driving For First Time, Including Crash Into Garage

February 20, 2018


NOTE: Some loud fatherly yelling during the accident around 1:10.

This is a video of a proud father filming his daughter Natalie taking the convertible out for a spin for the first time. She does fairly well until turning into the driveway and crashing into the family's garage. Driveways can be tricky. I failed my driving test three times in a row when I was 16 (and had to wait six months to try again), thank god there was no driveway or garage portion of the test or I probably still wouldn't have a license. I can't even tell you how many times I crashed into my parents' garage, but I do know at some point they switched to a carport.

Keep going for the video while I have a million learning to drive flashbacks.

Thanks to Christina C, who agrees the key to not crashing into your garage is converting it into a bonus room so you're crashing into a bonus room instead.

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