Count Me In: The Thunder Child, An Uncapsizable Extreme Weather Speed Boat

February 19, 2018

This is a video demonstration of Safehaven Marine's XSV 17 Thunder Child, a high-speed extreme weather boat capable of doing 54 knots (~62MPH) with a range of 750 nautical miles that will roll itself back onto its hull in the event of capsizing. Impressive. It's available for sale too, but you have to contact them for the price which means it's probably something only a supervillain can afford. Now how am I supposed to get into supervillainy if I can't even afford a decent lair or superboat? It's like you don't stand a chance unless you were already born with a silver spoon in your mouth. And I definitely was not. I was born with a plastic Taco Bell spork in my mouth, and a Mexican Pizza in my heart. "True wealth." I guess I can't complain.

Keep going for three videos: a generic promo vid, an example of the boat righting itself after being held upside down (including footage from inside) and some extreme weather testing.

Thanks to Amdrian, who agrees that thing needs way more torpedoes and depth charges.

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