Cat Casually Lets Toy Race Car On Track Repeatedly Drive Over It

February 14, 2018

This is a short video of a cat letting a little truck on a glowing track repeatedly drive over it. The cat doesn't even seem to notice or care. The Youtube video title calls it a train track but anybody who's watched a television commercial the last two Christmases would recognize that as Magic Tracks ("The Amazing Racetrack That Can Bend, Flex and Glow!"). It's crazy the things cats will put up with, and the other things they won't. And how sometimes they're totally cool with something and other times they'll try to kill you for the exact same thing. *shrug* C'est la vie. "Such is life?" I thought it meant cats are villains.

Keep going for the video (which they should have dimmed the lights for) as well as the Magic Tracks commercial because it's equal parts horrible and amazing.

Thanks to blue16, for reminding me that's two years in a row I haven't gotten a Magic Track for Christmas. Oh now I'm pissed.

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