But Why?: A $1,700 Star Wars X-Wing Writing Pen

February 7, 2018


This is the $1,700 S.T. Dupont Star Wars X-Wing Ballpoint Pen (there's also an identically designed $1,000 Fountain Pen version available if you're super poor). Each pen is a limited edition of 1977 (the year Episode IV was released) and are assembled yourself from the 13 pieces included. So basically it's a 13-piece X-wing model set you can use to write 'I'M RICH' on anything you feel like. Or use as a sex toy.

S.T. Dupont celebrate the new Star Wars 'The Force Awakens' film with this X-wing fountain pen, enhanced by beautiful guilloched motifs that replicate the original design of the fighter spacecraft, first seen in Star Wars Episode IV 'A New Hope''. Assemble the pieces inside to create your very own X-wing holder that showcase your pen in true style, perfect for any Star Wars enthusiast whilst offering a timeless writing experience.

I mean, obviously I'm just jealous I can't afford one. And Lord knows I'll go to some holiday party later this year and a frienemy will invite me into his study to brag about his new Star Wars X-Wing pen and I'll just have to accept he's better and more successful than I am and he has a beautiful home and wife and -- wait -- was that just her kissing the caterer?! Oh, no, that was my girlfriend. Cool pen man, really fantastic.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees your pen should never cost more than the checks you're writing.

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