Beautiful Slow-Mo High-Definition Footage Of The Falcon Heavy Liftoff

February 16, 2018


I know I said earlier that was it for Falcon Heavy coverage, but, if there's one thing you should already know about me, it's that I'm a liar. This is some beautiful, slow-motion, high definition footage of the Falcon Heavy's liftoff, shot by Jay DeShetler with a Canon 60D 1080P/60Fps - 400mm lens w/ BlackMagic microphone from Kennedy Space Center Launch Pad 39A. Glorious isn't it? It looks like Jay was more interested in capturing the exhaust plume of the rocket more than the rocket itself, and I don't blame him -- I would have loved to have been in that fire. And the audio! I feel like my ears just have sex with that rocket. "They definitely did." So... "You're not a virgin anymore!" I thought it would feel different. "Did you though?" Not really, no. So do we smoke cigars now or what?

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to KN, for reminding me of Space Bat, like I don't already think about him every second of every day.

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