Yard Work: Guy Mows His Snow-Covered Lawn

February 1, 2018


This is a video of a man trying to mow his snow-covered front lawn. Or maybe he's trying to use his lawnmower as a snowblower. Whatever the case, I assume his wife was tired of having him in the house and told him to go do something outside. Man, I love the smell of lawnmower fumes so much. And combined with fresh-cut grass? *shivers* "Are you okay?" I'm going to need a minute. In the videographer's own words:

"I was watching tv when I heard a lawn mower running. I looked outside to see a guy mowing his lawn which was covered in snow!"

First of all, that's not just "a guy," that's your neighbor, and he has a name. Granted I don't know what that name is, but you definitely should. Secondly, and much more importantly than this poor bastard's name, what were you watching on tv? Anything good? I've been looking for some new shows.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Dave L, who agrees everyone takes their yard work responsibilities differently.

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