An Electronic Going To The Bathroom Sound Masker

February 12, 2018


This is the 'Noise Decorator' developed jointly by Japanese houseware manufacturer LIXIL and electronics company Roland. The $300 device automatically detects when you're going to the bathroom and masks the sounds with other sounds. There's also a $200 version that you have to start and stop manually with the wave of a hand. So...$100 extra for a motion detector? I'll just sing at the top of my lungs for free. The product description, via Google translation:

"Sound decorator" jointly developed by LIXIL and Roland now has a sound source that demonstrates "masking effect" that analyzes the frequency band of the sound when using the toilet finely and makes it difficult to hear the sound when using the toilet It is an acoustic device for toilet. You can get a sense of security with thoroughly sticking "sound", and you can taste relaxation with the sound that makes the image of the forest such as Ogawa's birthplace and wild bird chirping. In addition, it prevents unnecessary flushing for the purpose of protecting the privacy of the toilet user, leading to significant water saving.

Admittedly, it does suck listening to other people go to the bathroom. That's why everybody should just play Youtube music videos on their phones as loud as possible. It's the respectful thing to do. "So that was you blaring Harry Styles' 'Sign Of The Times' earlier?" Yes. "Well you were in the custodial closet." Whatever, so I pooped in a mop bucket, it was early and I hadn't had my coffee yet, you're not perfect either.

Keep going for a video demonstration.

Thanks to Dave B, who agrees airport bathrooms are the worst. It's like they purposefully made the acoustics sound like an echo chamber. I heard a fart bounce around the room for almost a full minute once.

  • Ijustsharted

    Why do people try to convince the world they don't shit?

  • shashi

    everybody poops? Someone get Japan on the phone

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Making your sounds is the 2nd best thing about going to the bathroom
    Making your smells is the absolute best thing about going to the bathroom
    And if you're in a stall at work, making your move (with a little tap-tap from your shoe) on a coworker is the 3rd best thing about going to the bathroom.

  • TheQiwiMan

    I've been masking my BM noises for years by screaming abusive racial epithets at the top of my lungs. Works every time.

  • Chris Lev

    They might as well just blast out heavy metal on a discount store speaker. There you go, I’ve just saved you 300 bones.

  • Roast_Guider

    The real money saving option is to buy a cheaper bathroom exhaust fan. High end fans cost more mostly because they're quieter, which means the fan alone isn't loud enough to hide your mournful whale sounds.

    And it doesn't hurt going a size up either. The fan will be louder and provide even more protection against condensation.

  • PUNX

    IDK, still will sound like someone taking a massive shit.

  • PUNX

    not sure b\c I do not understand that they are saying but does it only work when you pee. like if you going to be poo'ing and there is silence for I bit will it just shut off and leave you moaning and groaning for everyone to here ?

  • The_Wretched

    Some of us understand the value of fiber in the diet and don't have to moan or groan. Eat some veggies now and then.

  • PUNX

    oh, I am regular.... there are others that come and blow up my home restroom. I guess they feel to at home making those noises

  • Doog

    Anyone who's outside your bathroom without knowing you have this thing is gonna think you have some kind of issue when you urinating sounds like a burst water pipe or flowing stream.

  • WhiteEagle2

    I wonder if it would be obvious when massive explosions happened and the device had to bump the volume/tone suddenly to account for them.

    Outsider: Oh, that's nice. I can hear little birds chirping and a babbling creek.
    *Turd/Fart Blast*
    Outsider: And now there are Lions and Elephants.

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