Wow: Woman 'Plays' Star Wars Imperial March And Cantina Song By Writing Math Formulas

January 11, 2018


Note: Volume up or this will make no sense. And even with the volume up it barely does.

This is a video of Youtuber Dani Ochoa performing the Star Wars Imperial March and Cantina Song with a pencil by writing formulas on a piece of paper. How about that! Who even comes up with this stuff? "Dani Ochoa." Good answer. Also, do those equations mean anything? Are they the key to unlocking the mysteries of the Star Wars universe? Because I suck at math but I tried solving them anyways and the only answer I could come up with was 'Tauntaun Stew.' Does that mean anything to anybody? "Maybe to a wampa." HIYO! I don't get it I've never seen the movies.

Keep going for the videos, including one of the Cantina Song with the actual music on top of it.

Thanks to Jessica SB and Lannice, who agree she needs to do Free Bird next.

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