Woman Walking Dog In Woods Stumbles Across Atlas Humanoid Robot Being Taken For A Walk

January 29, 2018


This is a short horizontal video (what are the odds?!) captured by Redditor crazyperson15's mom while walking her dog through the woods of Lincoln, Massachusetts. What does she stumble upon? "Bigfoot!" Guess again. "A dead body!" Just read the article title. "An Atlas humanoid robot." Very good! Here, take this pill. "What is it?" A smart pill, you might need it. "It says '4 SICK BONERZ' on the side." Wrong pill, I'm gonna need that one back.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks again to Ram, who agrees if you see a humanoid robot walking through the woods your best bet is pretending you're a tree because running will only make it want to chase and kill.

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