Well That Was Lovely: Pi Played As A Musical Composition

January 24, 2018


This is a musical composition created using pi to the 996th decimal place. How did they make it? Let me copy/paste that for you while all the shows I'm going to watch at work today finish downloading:

The numbers 0 to 9 are assigned to the C-major pentatonic over two octaves.

The duration is decreasing as the number gets higher.

The first number defines the note, the next number defines the duration, the number after next defines the intonation.

I have no clue what any of that meant because I'm neither smart nor musically inclined, but it was beautiful to listen to. MUSICAL MATHEMATICS. I bet my geometry teacher in high school would be so happy right now. Or accusing me of drawing another penis on the whiteboard before class started. But it wasn't me this time. It totally was, and wait till he sees what's waiting for him behind the projector screen!

Keep going for the mathematical music video.

Thanks to Fanfan, who agrees it's only a matter of time until somebody turns pi into a best selling novel.

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