Video Of A Car Trunk Full Of Fireworks Exploding During New Year's Celebration

January 3, 2018

This is a video from Houston, Texas of a group of New Years revelers celebrating the holiday in the traditional fashion by setting off a shit-ton of fireworks in a strip mall parking lot when a firework falls into the trunk of Issa Sham's Dodge Charger, igniting the 600 packages(!!) of fireworks he had in there and sparking a very premature finale (something I know nothing about).

Fireworks can be seen popping in every direction and dark smoke is seen billowing out of the Charger's windows.

Hassan said his car is in need of serious repair, but told KTRK he isn't worried about the cost of fixing it.

As for next New Year's Eve? "I'll go do the fireworks again, but I'll make sure the trunk is closed next time," he told KTRK.

Wait -- he's not worried about the cost of fixing his car? Has Farmer's already covered an insurance claim like that before? Because I've seen those commercials. I've also seen a lot of my own property burn up in firework accidents and I demand compensation. "Do you even have insurance?" Only boat and pet.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees the best sparks are between two lovers. My my! But fireworks are a close second, right?

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