Valuable Information: Australia Is A Dog And Cat Head

January 22, 2018


This is a map of Australia proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the continent is actually the heads of a giant siamese dog/cat hybrid. I'm pretty sure the dog is a schnauzer, but I can't tell you what kind of cat that is. I can tell you that Tasmania isn't cat food though, that's a hairball if I've ever seen one. And let me tell you -- I have SEEN SOME. "But I thought you didn't have cats." I inhale my girlfriend's hair in my sleep then puke it up in the shower every morning. "Too much information." My Draino bill was getting so high I had to learn to make my own.

Keep going for a triptych of the continent's canine and feline origins.


Thanks to CircusDog, who can balance on a ball AND jump through hoops. You're hired.

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