To The End Times!: A Ragnarök Drinking Stein

January 24, 2018


This is the Ragnarök themed drinking stein available from Munkstein (previously: their Cthulhu stein) with artwork created by artist Skinner. If you're not familiar with the Ragnarök of Norse mythology outside of the Thor movie you can read about it on Wikipedia HERE because now is not GW's Story Time. I know you wish it was, but it's not. The vessels are available in full color or a blue and white wash as both mugs (no lid, $45) and steins ($75). Both can hold a full liter of beer or the blood of your enemies. You know what my favorite thing about steins is besides their capacity? The lids. That way you can go to the bathroom without worrying somebody's going to poison your grog while you're away. "Couldn't they just open the lid, poison you, and close it again?" What-- *spitting up blood* I guess...I guess I should have thought of that. "Are you okay?!" Haha, yeah, I just have bleedy gums. I had you there for a second though, didn't I?

Keep going for several more shots including the blue and white wash version while I write them and tell them they should turn that graphic into a sick blacklight poster.





Thanks to Odin, who'd like to propose a toast to our fallen warriors. Cheers!

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