Timelapse Of A Massive Oil Tanker's Two Month Round Trip From Spain To Egypt

January 8, 2018


This is a composite timelapse video (including some sweet stargazing footage) created by Fran García during his tour of duty aboard the Suzemax oil tanker Teide Spirit. The trip spans from Algeciras, Spain, to Sidi Kerir, Egypt and back again from September to November 2017 (previously: a timelapse of a cargo ship's one-month voyage from Sri Lanka to Hong Kong). It's almost enough to make you want to quit your job and go sail the seven seas, isn't it? "That's actually an ancient misnomer, there are over a hundred seas." My God you would never make it as a pirate.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks Fran, and let me know if you ever need a first mate to keep the other pirates in check with a good lashing or plank walking.

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