Timelapse Of A Man Building A Log Cabin From Scratch With No Power Tools

January 12, 2018


This is a timelapse video of Canadian outdoorsman Shawn James building himself a log cabin from scratch (like, cutting down the trees and everything), entirely without power tools, just like they used to do in the good ol' days. "Those days were probably miserable." Yeah well so are these ones.

At the beginning of the video, I show a winter drone photo of the cabin in the snow in December. Then I flashback to the first balsam fir tree I cut down with a saw and axe near the cabin. I drag the trees into place and clear the cabin site. All summer, I cut the notches in the logs as I built the cabin up, offsite. Once I was finished notching the logs with a log scribe, saw, axe, adze and wood carving gouge, I loaded up the entire cabin of logs and moved them to my land near Algonquin Park, Ontario Canada...

Because the cabin is offgrid, I have used handtools for most of the build and without power, I have no options on site regardless. The tiny house will continue to be operated with[out] power, not even renewable energy for now, so I'm heating the cabin with a woodstove fire place, which I also cook on.

Man, this seems like the exact kind of guy you'd want on your side in the event of an apocalypse. Which is exactly why I just offered him a coveted spot on my post-apocalyptic survival team, which he not-so-politely declined because I'd just be "more dead weight" and "stop eating all my squirrel meat."

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to CN, who agrees the key to surviving an apocalypse is tagging along with people who are far more resourceful and industrious than yourself.

  • Sławomir Uchto

    Impressive. But "from scratch, entirely without power tools" is a bit overstatement considering use of perfect planks for a roof, frames, floor and foundation he bought from store, right? These were definitely made with power tools.

  • econoking

    Is it really like minecraft if he didn't punch down the trees and craft his own tools? Asking for a friend.

  • Mike Junor

    Wonder where he got the planks.

  • Nicholas Conrad

    Meh, that's like every other house outside of the 'big city' here in Alaska.

  • Jenness


  • Deplorable Erik Dee

    How come this guy doesn't have arms like Conan? Just wondering. All that log carrying and thousands of times hammering or using the hand crank drill. My back hurt just watching him go up the ladder with a log on his shoulder.

  • shashi

    C'mon GW, these days aren't miserable!

    Terrifying, vacuous and maybe ultimately pointless (what with our unending march toward the production of our super-intelligent android successors) but definitely nowhere near as good as miserable

  • Geekologie

    when you're right you're right

  • AtomicMountain

    Being divorced is so friggin' awesome.

  • The_Wretched

    Shou Sugi Ban was a nice touch but yikes @ small space.

  • Jenness

    This comment sums up my feelings exactly:
    "Thanks to CN, who agrees the key to surviving an apocalypse is tagging along with people who are far more resourceful and industrious than yourself."

  • Robin

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  • Titty McNipplefondler

    I too, hope to one day clear a small forest for a 16x16 foot house. But instead of a dog sitting on the porch with me there would be a rusty spotted cat.

  • Jenness

    I just realized how hilarious this is. Rusty spotted cat and may you stroke it like Dr. Evil and put your pointy little finger near your mouth as you plot how to get all the rusty spotted cats in the world!!! Mooohawwwwhawww haawwwww

  • There is nothing like sitting on your porch stroking your pussy.

  • Mark

    as I said...one for each hand!!

  • GeneralDisorder

    You know what's cool about trees? They grow right out of the ground. And when you kill one you make room for new ones to grow. Sure, it takes a while. That's why we have other building materials.

  • Mark

    Two Rusty Spotted Cats.....one for each hand!

  • skube

    I want to say Dick Proenneke did it first :

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