The Zapata EZFly, The Latest Jet-Powered Green Goblin Style Hoverboard

January 30, 2018

This is a video demonstration of the Zapata EZFly, the company's latest jet-powered hoverboard. Unlike the company's previous models, this one has handlebars for greater stability and doesn't require the rider to wear a fuel-filled backpack. Based on all the cuts in the video, I'm guessing this thing has a flight time of about eight seconds. Still, soon hordes of tourists will be zipping around major cities on these things, taking in the sights and taking out power lines. THE FUTURE. Obviously, I'll scavenge broken parts like Rey at the beginning of The Force Awakens to-- "Build yourself a jet-powered robot lover?" What? Of course not. "Maybe though?" Tehehe! "You're a freak, GW." Who, this lil' thang? *smiles coyly, gives myself devil horns with index fingers*

Keep going for the video while I take a good long look at myself in the mirror.

Thanks to Tank, who's always dreamed of taking all 60 tons of himself to the skies.

  • Dani

    Would it be to much to ask to hear the actual fucking sound of these contraptions instead of the loud annoying metal music?

  • The_Wretched

    it wouldn't hurt to have water channels all over the place too. They could be set up as wetlands for pollution reduction and make snails as a back up food supply.

  • Meh

    I've always wondered why they would use a b-rated badguy in the spiderman movies, honestly isn't Venom the only one worth doing it with?

  • dougfunnay

    venom as spider mans tenuous ally. they must join forces to stop an even greater threat! of course after the velociraptor threat has been contained venom goes back to his old ways culminating in a final epic battle between spiderman and a venom possessed creature x.

    spiderman does some crazy shit and venom gets launched into space never to be seen again.........not just yet anyway.

  • Stop high fiving so much you floating seguay geeks.

  • TheQiwiMan


  • TheQiwiMan


  • Irina Abramovich


    I'm totally building my own hot air balloon ride to fly over Farmington, MN during bunker siren's days every Wednesday of the month to drop medical supplies down to the citizens like tampons and toaster struedels!!!=)=)

    <3 Thomas

    Hubree, your kitten food is delicious and I hope you eat healthy for the rest of your forever lifetime and not just in the Hello Kitty video game as a ChocoCat twin!!=)=)=)
    Irina, thanks for going to the mailbox with me even though we were early and will probably get pneumonia walking there again when the mail finally comes!=)

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