The Road Movie: A Documentary Made Entirely From Real Russian Dashcam Footage

January 18, 2018


Keep blowing lady, I think you've almost got it!

This is the trailer for The Road Movie, a documentary made entirely from Russian dashcam footage. It looks exhilarating. You know, I bet they could make a full-length Russian dashcam documentary every week and there would still be plenty of footage left over to make a daily eight-hour show that runs until the end of time. It's like a wintery Mad Max movie over there. We should plan a vacation. "I've always wanted to see the Kremlin." Yeah I'm thinking Fiji -- somewhere far, far away from these lunatics.

Keep going for the action-packed trailer.

Thanks to GloryGamer, who agrees dashcam footage is some of the best footage to watch when you're lying in bed at night and want to dream about super insane accidents.

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