Teensy Tiny: Japanese Company Builds The World's Smallest Fidget Spinner

January 24, 2018


This is a Guinness World Record video of the world's smallest fidget spinner, built by Japanese ball bearing manufacturer MinebeaMitsumi Inc. How small is it? Just twice the size of [name of somebody you hate's] penis. "Yours." I'm never Mad Libbing with you again.

[The 0.2-inch fidget spinner was] built using MinebeaMitsumi Inc's existing record-breaking product, the Smallest commercially available steel ball bearing which itself is a mere 1.499 mm, the spinner weighs a feather-lite 0.027 g (0.00095 oz).

Man, that's tiny. So tiny I'm afraid that trying to play with it would actually cause more stress and anxiety than was being relieved. Kind of like squeezing the stress balls I just found in the pocket of these old jeans. "Those are your nuts." I think I'm gonna pass out.

Keep going for a video.

Thanks to blue16, who tried to tell me the earth is actually a giant fidget spinner, which I believe.

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