Smooth: Fare-Dodger At London Underground Station Gets Wiener Stuck Between Ticket Barriers

January 3, 2018


A would-be fare-dodger at the London Underground's Covent Garden station apparently got his penis stuck between two ticket barriers, and required police assistance to be freed. When I first read the story I thought to myself, 'Come on, there's no way it was actually his penis,' but then I watched the video, and he's definitely screaming like it's his penis. Probably even some ball too.

A large crowd gathered as British Transport Police officers and station staff helped to free him and one man filmed the incident.

He was trapped between the ticket barriers for at least two minutes.

At one point, a bystander could be heard saying: "Butter him up, butter him up."

Once freed, the man hugged a police officer and a passer-by who had stopped to help.

Admittedly, not a bad way to help stop fare-dodgers. You get your penis stuck in a ticket barrier once, and I doubt you're ever going to risk it again. That is a LIFE LESSON. Kind of like the guy who had to go to the ER carrying a vacuum cleaner with the hose attachment still down his pants. Do you think he ever tried that again? "Well, did you?" VERY FUNNY. And yes, I don't learn lessons.

Keep going for the screaming in agony video.

Thanks to Twumpybum, who agrees if you're going to try jumping a ticket barrier, at least tape your penis over your shoulder like me first.

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