Sea Snail Mail: The World's Only Underwater Mailbox

January 23, 2018


This is a video about the underwater mailbox located in the seaside town of Susami, Japan. It's the world's only underwater mailbox. Well, it's the world's only INTENTIONALLY underwater mailbox, I'm sure a lot of mailboxes have been underwater before due to unfortunate flooding circumstances. The idea for the box was suggested by former postmaster Toshihiko Matsumoto when the town was brainstorming ideas to increase tourism in the area. And apparently it's worked. That's nice, I like it when creative ideas work out instead of getting you arrested. "What happened this time?" I don't want to talk about it.

Those willing to make the plunge can strap on a wetsuit and mail letters from 30 feet under the sea. Incredibly, dive shop owner Hiroaki Yamatani descends each day to collect and deliver these letters to the post office. To date, almost 38,000 letters have been sent from under the sea.

Obviously, special waterproof postcards and oil-based pens are required if you actually want your card delivered instead of disintegrating in the water. Thankfully, I sell those in a nearby shack. "I'm not paying $20 for a postcard." Your loss. When reached for comment about the underwater mailbox, Nemo wouldn't swim still enough for me to adhere enough postage to his tail to send to SpongeBob.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Vicky R, who agrees we should put a mailbox on the moon and hope aliens finally write.

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