Real Products That Exist: A Fancy Bag For Carrying Around Your 27-Inch iMac

January 31, 2018


This is the $77 leather and wool Lavolta Carrying Case Bag for 27-inch Apple iMacs, so you can carry your giant computer around with you IN STYLE. Laptops? Never heard of them! Obviously, I just bought one and plan on posting up at Starbucks for the day. Excuse me, but do you mind if I sit next to you? I need to be near an electrical outlet. "I'm sorry sir, but you can't be behind the counter." I PAID FOR THIS LATTE.

Keep going for a couple more shots in case you're still on the fence about whether this is the right iMac bag for you.





Thanks to Nicholas C, who agrees you should probably carry your iMac around in a garbage bag so nobody thinks it's something worth stealing. That's what I do with all my valuables (plus wear a shabby coat and rub dirt on my face).

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