Philadelphia Eagles Fan Shotguns Four Beers During Pre-Game Coverage Of Playoff Game

January 15, 2018


These are four videos of a Philadelphia Eagles fan shotgunning four beers during pre-game coverage of the Eagles' divisional playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons last Saturday. Clearly all the shotgunning worked too, because the Eagles managed to clinch a 15-10 win over last year's Super Bowl chokers (that game was actually rigged by Vegas). Now, according to my most recent calculations *points to chalkboard with yardstick* he needs to chug at least eight beers before the NFC championship against the Vikings this Sunday to secure the win. *that's a penis drawing* It's called geometry, and I'm good at it.

Keep going for the videos, in order.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees this is the exact 12th man you want on your team.

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