PBR Teams Up With Outdoor Gear Company To Make Jacket That Can Hold A 12-Pack Of Canned Beers

January 24, 2018


This is the Sixer cooler jacket developed by outdoor gear company 686 in collaboration with Pabst Blue Ribbon. The jacket was designed to be able to hold a full 12-pack of 12 to 24-ounce PBR cans using the exterior pockets and interior pouches. I bet those beers on your lower back must feel real nice. Obviously, this is the perfect jacket to wear to the theater for a long movie so you can stay properly hydrated. Plus as you finish your beers you can pee in your empties so you don't have to make a trip to the bathroom and miss anything. "I'm not peeing in the empties." PEE IN THE EMPTIES.

Keep going for several more photos and a video about the jacket.



Thanks to n0nentity, who agrees the easiest way to keep your beer cold is making a friend carry a cooler.

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