Pangea Supercontinent With Modern Countries Labeled

January 26, 2018


Note: Larger version HERE if you want to look for Atlantis (I still couldn't find it).

This is a map of the Pangea supercontinent created by digital artist Massimo Pietrobon with all the modern countries labeled. In his own words while I daydream about being able to walk to South America from California. "You can walk to South America from California." To Canada then.

(Translated) Gathering the world in one piece of land represents a return to the unity of the planet, to the unity of the human race, in spite of the divisions that are so convenient for our rulers! ...The world is one. Humanity is one Long live the political Pangea!

World peace -- that's the answer. The question? I'm not sure. "What will never happen?" Way to be optimistic. I feel like maybe if aliens came to visit it would really put things into perspective and people could actually set aside their petty differences and fight a common enemy -- uniting all of humanity. "We come in peace." Kill them!

Thanks to Rod, who's convinced Pangea is just another lie sold to us by the Illuminati.

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