Older Brother Repeatedly Flips Circuit Breaker To Scare Sister And Her Friends Playing With Ouija Board

January 19, 2018


Note: Volume so you can hear the screaming.

This is a super short video of older brother Jake Hessing doing what older brothers do best and terrorizing his little sister and her friends by repeatedly flipping the circuit breaker in the basement while they're upstairs playing with a Ouija board. A solid prank. Now he just needs to ramp up his efforts and get some blood to drip out of the air conditioning vents like my brother used to do when me and my friends would play with the Ouija board at my parents' house growing up. "I never did that." And what about all the dead birds? "What are you talking about?" DON'T YOU F*** WITH ME, FRANK, I STILL LIVE HERE.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Lucinda, who agrees the best part about Ouija boards is being able to communicate with your pets that have passed so you can ask them how heaven is and tell them that you miss them.

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