Oh Wow: Guy 100% Full Combos Guitar Hero 3's 'Through The Fire And Flames' While Blindfolded

January 22, 2018


This is a video of Twitch user randyladyman completing the Guitar Hero 3 version of DragonForce's notoriously difficult 'Through The Fire And Flames' with a full combo while blindfolded. What's a full combo? Let me copy/paste that for you while I blindfold myself with my neck tie and see if I can make it to the break room without punching any coworkers:

Full Combo, more commonly abbreviated as FC, is the term that refers to beating a song while correctly playing every note without overstrumming. This is different from simply scoring 100% on a song, since one can "break" (reset) their Multiplier, by overstrumming, and still play 100% of the notes.

Impressive. Maybe not as impressive as the time I performed a full combo on the same song while blindfolded and with the guitar behind my back and on fire, but I forgot to record it so nobody would believe me anyways. I swear, the one time I forget to turn my webcam on. "You're lying." Fine, the second time I forget to turn my webcam on. The first was a sexy show for a girlfriend.

Keep going for the video, full combo run starts around 1:30.

Thanks to Daniel, who agrees a $1,000 a month taco fund is pretty ambitious. I'm only good for about $800 worth of tacos a month and I constantly feel like I'm about to die.

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