Oh Hell No: Footage From A Cruise Ship Barreling Through That East Coast Bomb Cyclone

January 11, 2018

This is an almost 7-minute video of various footage shot aboard the Norwegian Breakaway (I'm surprised it didn't) while sailing through the bomb cyclone that recently hit the northeastern United States. Apparently the ship had plenty of warning about the storm, but decided to plow straight through it anyways, causing almost three full days of heavy rocking, flooding, and misery. I'm not sure that was the best course of action, and I can't imagine this was the family-fun vacation anybody was hoping for. I'd ask for my money back. Or sue Norwegian for ownership of the boat and then outfit it with cannons and start a life of piracy. "That would make one hell of a pirate ship." Right? Plus with numerous bars and casinos on the ship my crew will spend all their treasure money onboard and it'll all come right back to me! "Sounds like you've got this all figured out." Yaaaaar! Now, I want you to cut one of my hands and legs off so my crew takes me seriously. "I should probably poke one of your eyes out too." Yes -- perfect! I knew there was a reason I named your first mate.

Keep going for the video, but feel free to skip around.

Thanks to hairless, who's convinced the sinking of the Titanic was a conspiracy perpetrated by the Illuminati to scare people from taking cruises. But why? "I'm still working on that." Well you let me know when you figure it out and I'll tell the world.

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