Norwegian Town Installs Auto-Dimming Streetlights To Save Electricity

January 5, 2018

This is a video demonstration of and discussion about the auto-dimming streetlights that have been installed on highway 155 in Hole, Norway. Cool, but the streetlights in my neighborhood have been doing that for years. "Turning off during the day doesn't count." Does it not?! "No." Okay then.

At highway 155 in Nes i Hole, 220 radars have been installed on each light pole. They detect oncoming traffic and adjust the strength of the light. By doing this, the 9 km/5.5 mi stretch saves a whopping 2100 kWh per week. The extra investment will break even after just 4.5 years.

When there are no cars near, the lights operate at around 20% power, then when a vehicle is detected they ramp up to 100%. Not a bad idea. And only 4.5 years to break even? That's a solid investment. Maybe not as solid as my last investment, but we can't all be wolves of Wall Street. "You spent all your money on lotto scratchers." I have a system!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Gregory, who informed me he dimmed the streetlight outside his bedroom window with a bb gun.

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