No Surprises There: That Bootleg Moe's Tavern In Argentina Opened Under Another Name Thanks To Copyright Claims

January 2, 2018


Remember that Moe's Tavern that was being built near Buenos Aires, Argentina? Well it's now open under under the name 'Ribbon' (I would have gone with Woe's Tavern), and is void of any direct references to the Simpsons, thanks to copyright claims by the Fox Broadcasting Company. As far as I can tell, the interior and exterior will still resemble Homer's favorite watering hole, it just won't have any Simpsons pictures or themed memorabilia (picture of the bar area before the change, after the jump). Wonderful, so now our only option for the Moe's Tavern experience are the ones at Universal Studios, complete with crying children and $11 beers. "Greaaaaat, $66 just to get drunk." You can say that again, Homer. "Wait -- where's Maggie?!" Relax -- she can't be far, she did drive us here.

Keep going for a shot of the interior bar area before lawyers got involved.


Thanks to Matias, who agrees now we'll just have to meet up and drink beer in the parking lot of our old high school.

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