Maybe Don't Do That: Video Of A Replacement iPhone Battery Exploding After A Guy Bites It

January 23, 2018

This is some security cam footage from an electronics store in China of a man biting a replacement iPhone battery, and it exploding VERY shortly afterwards. Why the hell did he bite it? Presumably for the same reason my dog bites things -- she's hungry and willing to take a chance.

Apple Insider speculates that the man was testing the authenticity of the battery, though it's not clear how you could tell a knock-off Apple product from a real one by biting it.

As Taiwan News suggests, it's common for people to test the authenticity of gold by biting it, but iPhone batteries are not made of pure gold.

Ahahahahhaha -- I'd like to meet the person who can actually identify a real iPhone battery versus a fake one just by biting it. And that is a blind taste-test I would like to see televised. Man, the toxic fumes could not have been good for those people. No word if they're all Decepticons now, but I did just text Optimus Prime to find out.

Keep going for the whole video in case you were curious about the aftermath (SPOILER: it's uneventful).

Thanks to hairless, who may or may not have gotten that way in a similar incident.

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