Man Reassembled A £5 Note From Finely Shredded Misprints

January 16, 2018


This is a timelapse video of Youtuber Martin John Callanan reassembling a Bank Of England £5 Note (aka a fiver) from the finely shredded remnants of uncirculated, misprinted bills. Martin must be great at jigsaw puzzles. In his own words, which is basically exactly what I just said:

A Bank of England five pound note reconstructed from shredded production waste. An animation made, during one work day, form the security shredded remnants of misprinted new polymer Five Pound banknotes (G series), which never made it into circulation.

Obviously, the final product leaves a lot to be desired in terms of resembling a passable fiver. As a matter of fact, when reached for comment about the note, the cashier at the corner convenience store told me to leave before he calls the police.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to blue16, who agrees the key to successful counterfeiting is only using the bills to tip DJs in dark nightclubs.

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