Man Builds His Own Millennium Falcon LEGO Set With All The Colors

January 30, 2018


There are a bunch of shots of the multicolored replica of the 2007 Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collector's Edition LEGO set that Mike Marrocco built after not being able to justify the rising cost of the original set to himself. Me? I can justify just about anything to myself. Drinking before noon on a Tuesday? I'm having a bad day. "You just woke up." That's the problem.

The process went something like this,"...."First I found the parts list online and counted up how many of each piece I'd need. Then I went on and bought everything while trying to select the brightest colors I could (cost permitting). I needed to buy from five or six sellers to get everything. Then I sorted all the pieces into containers and started building based off of the official instructions."

Mike estimates he spent about $500 on all the pieces, or about the same price as the original cost back in 2007 (for reference, the lowest price I found for the original set online was around $1,100). Plus Mike's build has EXTRA PERSONALITY. Honestly, this is pretty much how all my LEGO builds look because I don't actually own any real sets anymore, just Rubbermaid bins full of random pieces. "I'm pretty sure that's everyone." We're so cool I could puke. "Don't." I'm puking now.

Keep going for a bunch more shots, including Doc Brown and Marty McFly in the cockpit, and Harry Potter manning the guns.














Thanks to Ry, for reminding me to steal a couple more pocketfuls of bricks the next time I visit my nephews.

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