Learning How A TV Works By Examining The Picture In Ultra-Extreme Slow Motion

January 22, 2018


This is a video of Gav from The Slow Mo Guys explaining how a television works by filming an old CRT television at up to 380,000 frames per second so you can see the television creating the image by producing line after line from top to bottom, left to right at an insane rate of speed. I think I might have actually learned something. Mostly, that Gav likes to brag about his 85-inch flatscreen. Besides, I've actually known this is how televisions worked for a long time. And not just because I used to sit way too close to the TV when I was a kid and burnt my retinas out, but whenever my optometrist gives me an eye test and asks me to read the top line all I can see is the Super Mario Bros 3 title screen.

Keep going for the informative video, but skip to around 2:00 to see the slow motion getting slower and slower.

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