It Happens: Jeopardy Contestant Mistakes Jack White For Eminem

January 12, 2018


This is a super short video from the January 11th, 2017 airing of Jeopardy when contestant Julie mistakes musician Jack White for Eminem. Now I'm not saying I would have done way better job (I would have guessed Kid Rock) and deserve to be on the show, but I did just take their online practice quiz and scored exceptionally well. "Like how well?" It said I'm a Ravenclaw. "I think you took the wrong quiz." Come on, I'm not stupid.

Keep going for the video. And, for the record, Julie said in a post-game interview that the photo clues are difficult to see from where the contestants stand, although I suspect she just heard Detroit and immediately thought of Eminem.

Thanks to me, for watching Jeopardy last night and remembering to look this up.

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