Guy Drinks Water Trapped In Rock For 2-Million Years

January 4, 2018


Seen here with the look of a man who's no stranger to drinking things he probably shouldn't, this is a video of Mitchell from the Waterjet Channel on Youtube tasting the water that's been trapped inside an enhydro agate for over 2-million years. That's cool, I licked a dinosaur bone at a museum once.

The danger here is that enhydro agates rarely contain pure water. They often also contain quartz microcrystals, debris, or petroleum, depending on the conditions under which they were formed. That didn't stop our intrepid self-experimenters: "We got a hold of a rock that had water trapped inside. I just knew I had to taste it! We also got a little sciency with petri-dishes to see how safe this water was to drink."

Man, I wouldn't have drank it myself, I would have sold it to rich people to drink. Somebody is bound to be willing to pay a pretty penny for 2-million year old rock water. Tell them it'll give them the strength and stamina of a t-rex boner, they'll buy it. Hell, I'd buy it. I have to have it, GIVE IT TO ME NOW.

Keep going for the video, actual taste test starts around 1:30 when they break the rock in half with a hammer and lose a lot of the water in the process. Smooth, guys.

Thanks again to my buddy Dave, who, for two tips in a row and years of friendship, can buy me a beer sometime.

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