Guy Builds 15-Minute Long 'Aliens' Themed Roller Coaster In Simulation Game

January 10, 2018


This is a video of the 15-minute Aliens theme roller coaster that Youtuber Hin Nya built in amusement park construction and management simulator Coaster World. It is hands down the most impressive build I've even seen in Planet Coaster, although it is also the only build I've ever seen in Planet Coaster. Why did nobody tell me about this game before? I like building roller coasters. Remember Roller Coaster Tycoon? I killed at that game. "You sure did, you purposefully built a coaster that ran out of track and everyone died." Haha, those pesky families and their lawsuits. I had to grow a mustache and move to Belize. "Seriously?" Um, no, it's a VIDEO GAME. But my mom made me uninstall it because she felt like it was increasing my sociopathic tendencies, which it 100% was.

Keep going for a video of the whole ride. Also, not to brag or anything but I had my hands up the whole time.

Thanks to Andreas, who agrees 15-minutes is a hell of a long coaster. Especially for someone who just drank 48 ounce of Coke and had to wait in line for an hour.

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