First-Time Helicopter Skier Is Off To A Rough Start

January 19, 2018


Note: Some appropriate language.

This is a short video of first-time heli-skier Ped finding out maybe helicopter skiing isn't his thing after all. According to his walkie-talkie transmission back to the helicopter, "I immediately hit rocks and lost a ski at the bottom." Great start, Ped -- very smooth. You know, maybe the bunny slope is more your speed. Also, if anybody is in the market for a single used pirate ship ski, I'd keep an eye on Craigslist. Of course you'll have to fight a Yeti if you want the other one, so use that as a haggling tactic.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Moray, who agrees Ped is probably getting eaten by a shark the first time he tries water skiing.

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