Experimental Rescue Drone Successfully Drops Flotation Device To Two Stranded Swimmers

January 19, 2018

This is the onboard video from a Little Ripper UAV that's currently being tested as a lifesaving device on Australian beaches. In the video, the drone successfully drops a floatation device to two swimmers who got stranded in the rough surf at Lennox Head in New South Wales, Australia. In lifeguard supervisor Jai Sheridan's own words while I beat my roommate with a pool noodle while he tries to shower before a date:

The Little Ripper UAV certainly proved itself today, it is an amazingly efficient piece of lifesaving equipment and a delight to fly. I was able to launch it, fly it to the location, and drop the pod all in about one to two minutes. On a normal day that would have taken our lifeguards a few minutes longer to reach the members of the public.

Hey, whatever saves lives. Although I was going to suggest instead of a flotation device it drops a bucket full of fish guts to chum the water and attract sharks, but I suppose this works too. It's just not as good as my idea, which was brilliant and would have made a fortune from all the sharks on Shark Tank. "You do realize they're not ACTUAL sharks, right?" Haha, what?

Keep going for the whole video.

Thanks again to Lucinda, who, for two tips in a row on a Friday afternoon, is cordially invited to happy hour. "I'm so honored." I thought you might be. Now can you give them a credit card to start a tab?

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