Drone Captures Boy Jumping In Ocean, Sharks Appearing

January 5, 2018


This is some drone footage from a beach in the Bahamas of a young boy jumping in the water to play, and four sharks immediately closing in on his location. Apparently the drone operator, who could see the sharks on his video screen, yelled at the boy to get out of the water, which he did. Anybody know what kind of sharks those are? Could they have actually done some damage? I have no clue personally, they look pretty small to me but that doesn't mean they won't try nibbling your toes. Maybe they just wanted to play Marco Polo. Man, I would kill to be sitting on a beach sipping a cocktail served in a coconut right now. Close your eyes and imagine that. Nice, isn't it? Is my bathing suit too skimpy? "You aren't wearing one." My my -- I like the way you imagine! And do you like what you see? "No I do not." You sure? "Positive." Open your eyes, this exercise is over and your imagination sucks.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Alexandria, who agrees they probably just wanted to make a friend with legs so he could bring them food they haven't tried before, like hamburgers and hotdogs.

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