Dare To Dream: Man Sets World Record For Fastest And Furthest Run While On Fire Without Oxygen

January 9, 2018

This is a Guinness World Record video of daredevil Anthony Britton setting a new record for both the fastest 100-meter sprint and furthest distance run (670 feet -- 50 feet short of two football fields) while on fire and without an oxygen tank. Impressive, Anthony! I'm actually tempted to take a stab at the record myself except instead of having a team ready to extinguish me I'm going to make the run on an ocean pier. That way I can just leap off the side and extinguish myself when I can't go any further and get eaten by sharks because what the hell am I doing with my life anyways, running around on fire on purpose. That's not going to make mom and dad proud.

Keep going for the record breaking performance.

Thanks to Julie A, who agrees the key to setting world records is doing something nobody else is willing to do.

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