Coffee Table With Hidden Storage Used To Conceal Handguns

January 9, 2018


This is a video of woodworker Adam Lundell demonstrating his latest hidden-compartment coffee table (previously: his magic themed one). This one also requires a couple secret steps to unlock, and opens to reveal the two handguns and ammo he has stored inside. A smart way to keep your guns safe, albeit a little difficult to access in an emergency. That's why I had my arm removed and replaced with a plasma cannon -- that way I'm always ready for battle. "You wrapped your arm in aluminum foil and duct-taped a laser pointer to your wrist." PREPARE TO BE VAPORIZED.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to hairless, who, based on his stiff walk, I'm assuming has a ninja sword taped to his leg.

  • Jenness

    Just use tape like I do. It's cheaper and you can customize the duct tape sling to hold whatever weapon you need. Oh and they have cool colors and patterns now as well. Just don't be stupid and not finish out the sling part with more tape and leave it sticky or then you'll grab it and it will get stuck and shoot someplace crazy. Like your waterbed. Man, was that a mess when that happened to everyone back in 1979.

  • Hubree

    I could use a coffee table like this. I am honestly scared for my life :(

  • Bling Nye

    Seems like it would be better suited to use for nudie mags, liquor and drugs, rather than guns.

  • GeneralDisorder

    It's big enough for both.

    Although all those steps are kinda too much. You have to pop out a key, fiddle with the metal panel thing, to put the key in, to pull a latch. Then you get to undo all of that to put it back together.

    Make it easier. Hidden keyhole. Jam the key in, and open! Two steps. If you're in your living room jacking it and some gang member kicks your door in... too late. You're fucked. You're gonna have to use your back gun, your clock gun, your couch gun, ankle gun, or something other than your table gun...

  • Nicholas Conrad

    You can leave it unlocked most of the time and just use the second button to pop out the latch handle and twist. Voilà; you're ready for a home injury in seconds!

  • Meh

    Very very cool. And fuck these bots.

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