Bruce Lee Fight Footage Edited With Lightsaber Nunchucks

January 15, 2018


Inspired by a piece of fan art he saw online, this is a scene from the 1972 Hong Kong martial arts classic Fists Of Fury edited by Youtuber Patrick Nan to put lightsaber nunchucks in the hands of Bruce Lee. And I thought regular lightsabers were dangerous -- there's no way I could swing a pair of lightchucks without accidentally slicing myself in half Darth Maul style. Nunchucking is hard. You know what happened the last time I tried using my nunchucks to deflect a ninja star my brother threw? "You got hit by a ninja star and bled a lot." Man, my timing was WAY off.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Nick H, who agrees every weapon should have a lightsaber version of it available.

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