Beautifully Crafted Children's Rocking X-Wing

January 16, 2018


This is the children's wooden rocking X-Wing built by DeviantARTist StevesWoodenToys. I wish I'd had one growing up. I didn't though, I had one of those bouncing horses with the springs that would always pinch my legs. The models they sell now have covered springs. They didn't make them like that when I was a kid. Those were different times. We also didn't eat Tide Pods.

Accelerate to attack speed as you approach the death star.. Stabilize your rear deflectors and watch for enemy fighters

This rocking ride in star wars x-wing fighter is made from solid wood... pine, native macrocarpa and rimu

Removable wooden R2D2 sits in the back

size: 1150mm long,1200mm wide, 650mm tall ( seating area is 280mm wide )

Wings can be unbolted to allow for ease of intergalactic travel in the back of a medium sized car

Unfortunately, it appears a little small for me to sit in while I'm playing video games, which is a shame because I'm actually in the market for a new gaming chair. "Ask them to build you a bigger one." That sounds expensive, I think I might just steal my office chair here at work. "But then where you sit?" In a toilet stall like I am now. I had a buddy from maintenance install a power outlet and everything. My legs have been numb for weeks.

Keep going for a handful more shots.






Thanks to carey, who agrees it just needs some integrated speakers and haptic feedback and you've got yourself a gaming rig.

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