Awww: Man Proposes To Girlfriend With 'Heads Up' Smartphone Guessing Game

January 10, 2018


This is a video of Youtuber OneManFreakShow (so am I!) proposing to his girlfriend while playing the 'Heads Up' smartphone guessing game. It's very sweet and she says yes and I feel like they're really going to make it because they sound like such a happy, fun-loving couple and I believe in them. Me? I've had a hard time believing in myself romatically since seventh grade. "What happened in seventh grade?" The girl I liked called me four-eyes because of my glasses. "Ouch." It's cool, I can't even remember her name. "Well that's good, it's only been like twenty years." It was Angela Davengale, and I'll never forgive her.

Keep going for the video while I check my mail for a save the date.

Thanks to MSA, who informed me love is a guessing game. Granted I have no clue what that means but you're probably way smarter than I am.

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