A Super Bowl Inspired Fanny Pack With Compartments For Chips, Dip, And Beer

January 30, 2018


This is the No Fumble Fanny Pack developed by dip brand Heluva Good. It has compartments for chips, dip, and a cold beverage. It also has suspenders for maximum support. So, quick question: is it cool to hit up another bro's dip or what? Because it's awfully close to the crotch. I'm asking for a friend who doesn't wanna send his bros mixed signals. I know I'd be confused if somebody lunged at my wiener with a Tostito. "Um, what?" I'm a Doritos man!

Keep going for a video. Also, if you really need a fanny pack so your chips and dip are never too far away you may have a problem. A -- wait for it -- addiption. "Take the cool guy shades off." Never!

Thanks to Marcus O, for reminding me to Amazon Prime one of those beer guzzling helmets so it's here before the big game. I lost my last one at a monster truck rally.

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