1,393 Feet: The New World Record For Longest Fall With Just A Rope (Not A Bungee Cord)

January 5, 2018


This is a video of death-wishee Carlos Munoz setting the new world record for longest fall with a static rope (like a climbing rope, not elastic), at 1,393.7 feet (424.8-meters). The previous record was 1,286 feet (392 meters). For reference, both of those are entirely too far. Anything further than off the top of your parents' bonus room above the garage should be illegal.

To help put that height into perspective, after jumping, Munoz free-falls for a full 20 seconds before reaching the end of the rope, at which point he's jarred to a stop when he runs out of slack.

Damn, 20 seconds of free-fall? How the sudden stop at the end didn't rip his guts out of his belly button or butthole is beyond me, but I suspect he covered both with a fair amount of duct tape. That's what I would have done. Of course I would have never made that jump in the first place because I'm not a lunatic, but still. Props to this guy's knot-tyer.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Cam, who agrees there has to be an easier way to pretend like you didn't mean to kill yourself.

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